Length or Depth

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Every second of each day, bits and pieces of information flows from computer screens, smartphones and tablets to our brains thanks to the sense of vision of the eyesight. The rate of the assimilation of knowledge is alarmingly on the increase. Our brains have become like computers, surfing though all that pile to glean only the main points. Reading books of up to 100 pages is a dream. Reading summaries on Wikipedia is the reality. Reading in depth is fast becoming an eroding culture with our generation in the 21st century. We prefer to cover more ground than dig deep.

Once upon a time you would read a book and spend time mulling over the words from the pages, drawing valuable inferences and mentally seeking ways to apply the knowledge into your life. Nowadays attention and concentration spans have also sharply declined with the reading culture globally. In Nigeria, a study revealed the ensuing findings: 40% of adult Nigerians never read a nonfiction book cover to cover after they finish school. The average Nigerian reads less than one book per year, and only 1% of successful people read one nonfiction book per month. 30 million Nigerians have graduated from high school with poor reading skills. In 2004, a study done in America revealed that only 46.7% of the population read works of literature, down from 54% in 1992 & 56.9% in 1982. How many times have you tried to concentrate 100% on a conversation, a book or religious worship, without your mind pondering on whether or not you may have unread BBM/Whatsapp messages/emails, or what could be going on your Twitter Timeline? Haven’t you tried reading an e-book on your tablet or PC then switched over to watching a movie instead?

With the advent of the internet, surfing through text materials has resulted in a reading style known as the “F-shaped pattern” of skimming through. But enough culpability of the internet for the poor reading habits our children, teenagers and adults have inculcated. We need to #bringbackDEEPreading. For many of us, it’s been a while we spent quality time reading a book cover to cover, page to page. Making a stalwart commitment to keep personal growth as top priority is fundamental in changing the situation. Reading web pages online may be difficult, instead of skimming through and missing out on salient points, save the pages to go over later. You can go the length of switching off your phone to prevent distractions in reading that lingering procrastinated book you’ve been meaning to read. Take your time to engage in deep reading and in effect, deep thinking that eludes people nowadays. Be a reading anomaly. Put your effort each day to learn something fresh from the pages of a book or the internet.

Above all and before all, do this: Get Wisdom! Write this at the top of your list: Get understanding.*

The Wise accumulate knowledge-a true measure; know-it-alls talk too much-a sheer waste.*

* are Proverbs 4:7, 10: 14 (MSG) respectively.

Best Regards.

©Tobi Gbemisola 2015.

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Image credit: http://www.theproducersperspective.com

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