Social Media and Human Living

Social Media and Human Living

Argh! *stretches fingers*

Yes it has been a while I wrote anything on here, like I just took a vacation right? I must really apologize to everyone that was (and hopefully is still and would continue to) follow(ing) this blog that I am sorry to have left this place this way. I truly have no excuses whatsoever. I have been just lazzzzzy! But I am getting my act together, yes I am.

As you may have noticed if you quite follow me on social media and know me personally, I am somebody who is quite passionate about social media and its uses. From some of my Facebook posts, to my tweets and even my snaps (yeah I just joined, add me up @tobiange), I often talk about this. I believe that social media is powerful. In fact it is the greatest tool of the 21st century. The power of social media is brought to light in the most recent events here in Nigeria where a teenager was abducted from her home state and taken elsewhere to be married off.  It was through social media that an outcry was raised and the girl was rescued from the evil hands of her abductor to her parents. You can read about it from here. This goes on to show that, really, social media is an effective tool for creating a ripple of events that lead to a desirable end.

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