Thriving in 2017

Hey hello there!

It is finally the year we have all been waiting for, the year that promises so much turn around for everyone – individuals, families, businesses, the government, and our nation. I have seen so much commitment to a better new year on social media, and I can only hope people are falling in line with their pledges.

2017 new year
The interesting thing about the first week of every new year is how people have this feeling of newness about everything in their lives like they have a chance to start again. Yes, they are right. It is like a new chapter in our lives has been opened with each new year that comes.

It is now left in our hands how we make this year go. Imagine the year as a new chapter of a book with 365 pages. Interestingly, we are on the 3rd page of that book already. It is funny how time runs. It was like an hour ago I was in Church counting down to 2017 and now it’s the 3rd. Oh well, time is on no man’s side.

The clock is ticking fast, and we have another opportunity to get it right. I don’t know about everyone else, but I sure want to get stuff done this year. I want to look back on the year in the last week of December 2017 and be fulfilled about how it all went. I hope that is your wish too.

This post is about making that happen for you and I, for all of us.

How then can we make it count?

Simple. Focus on what counts and don’t get distracted. Of course, it isn’t that simple, but it is what it is. Keep your nose to the grindstone. A useful tip here is to have your goals always in front of you. Look at them every day. Let them be so built into your consciousness such that it is all that you think about every day. Basically, #CarryYourGoalsOnYourHead.

I wish us all the best with this year. I really hope it makes sense for everyone. That we find whatever we are looing for – great jobs/career, a wonderful spouse, children, love, spiritual enlightenment, a better body, etc.

Cheers to an unforgettable year! 🍻

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