Tips to Minding Your Business

Confession, confession – when it comes to minding one’s business, I used to be one of the worst of them all. I often found it hard to face my front when stuff is going on around me. It was either I was eavesdropping or trying to answer a question that was not mine to answer. This does not happen everywhere and with everyone, though. It all depends on the familiarity I have with that environment. So, for instance, I am alone in a public transport vehicle, bro, you can’t even see me talking to a stranger much less contributing to a discussion, I am as quiet as they come but in the office with my friends, I am known for jumping into conversations except I am really busy.

minding your businessWhy mind your business?

I have come to see that life is so much easier when we mind our business. We can get more done when we are not interfering in the private affairs of other people. When you mind your business or stay in your lane as Twitter aficionados put it, you are spared from being insulted and own your respect from people. You achieve balance, focus, and increased productivity. It may be difficult to pull off, but imagine how improved your day would be if you decided not to gossip, read gossip blogs, or comment on every online and offline conversation. I believe in you to do this today.

How to mind your business

Take these simple tips and use them to become a professional business minder:

  1. Recognise when something is not your call to make: If you are not directly involved with an event or conversation, it is best you avoid interfering. You may mean well, but your listeners will not be ready to hear what you have got to say.
  2. Speak only when you are asked to: Except a question is directed at you, please keep mute and face your work.
  3. Use an earpiece or headphone: This comes in handy especially if you are like me that finds it hard to not contribute to almost everything, even if it is across the office. Block your ears by playing an audio book, aย music playlist or what not.
  4. Pick body language cues: Sometimes, people will not directly inform you of their disgust when you butt in without an invite, but they will indirectly show it with their body language. Fold of arms, avoiding eye contact, and angling away from you are clear signals to stop.
  5. Politely leave the grapevine: When folks are trying to feed you in on the personal life details of a friend or coworker, you can simply excuse yourself from that situation by saying, “I’m sorry but I’ve got some work to do now.”

minding your business

You can be better at managing yourself in these matters if you start small with those tips and scale up from there.

Did I miss relevant information? Please share about it in the comments. I am waiting to read from you!

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10 thoughts on “Tips to Minding Your Business

  1. Nice write-up!
    Recently have decided to always mind my business thanks for giving me tips that will help.
    Would try and see the best option that will work.

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  2. I had this large smile ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ on my face all through while reading this.

    Really insightful with some one or two take aways from there.

    PS: why is this looking like a sub? Lol


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