See the Good in Everything

As someone who had a good share of negative experiences growing up, which formed how I saw the world, I became poisoned by the elements of negativity in the environment and found it difficult to see the good in everything. As an instance, when someone pitched an idea to me, I would initially see all the reasons why that idea may never work. I had grown up in an environment of broken promises and this made me a natural sceptic. But recently, I have been on a journey towards change.

see the goodIt is always helpful to remain optimistic that there will be a positive change when things aren’t going one’s way. In Nigeria, it can be normal to become a cynic of good things happening in the country and in one’s life since we are surrounded by so much negativity. We should be better than that, to rise away from the social illness and be a part of the social good.

When you wake up every morning, be optimistic that something good is going to happen to you. Look into the mirror and say great things about yourself and your day. Dance and sing in the bathroom. Be goofy. Be a child again. Don’t let the world steal your joy. If you don’t like a place – move away from there. Create your happiness, don’t find it.

Greatness awaits you.


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