I started blogging from the early days of 2011, writing inspirational pieces and poems on the free Blogger domain. As my writing became better, I started to take my Twitter account seriously with a hashtag I ran every Sunday called #Reflexions.

The tweets gained a lot of engagement at the time and so like Leke Alder, I published the tweets in an article style here on this website. By that time, I named it Reflexions but in early 2017, I decided to rebrand it and diversify the content to include other lifestyle categories, and also as a way to showcase my writing.

I write on my own here without fear of judgement. Like my own home. I express my thoughts unfiltered. I make my mistakes and grow from here.

As a freelance writer, this is also where I showcase my portfolio. They say the best way to prove something is to do it yourself. This is basically where I do it and do me.

I hope you enjoy your visits to the blog and become a consistent reader as we learn and grow together.